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4mm Scale Scratch Built Models

5 and 9 Models offers a custom scratch building service for some of the more obscure early LB&SCR prototypes. For further details email .

These are some examples:

Description Photo
Craven Era
No.58 as converted by Craven to a Crampton between 1850 & 1855.
The model is scratchbuilt from brass, with a turned copper chimney & dome and uses a 5 & 9 Models Craven tender
Photograph of Crampton
No.14 2-2-2WT of 1852 (Craven's first loco) Photograph of 2-2-2WT
Photograph of 2-2-2WT
6 wheel first class coach Photograph of 6 wheel first
4 wheel first class coach Photograph of 4 wheel first
Second class brake coach Photograph of Second class brake
4 wheel third class coach Photograph of third
Luggage composite coach Photograph of Luggage composite
1866 brake third class coach Photograph of 1866 brake third
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