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4mm Scale Locomotives

Please Note: all these kits are discontinued. All models were made from 5&9 kits consisting of white metal castings and etched chassis parts.

Title Description Photo
Jenny Lind (2-2-2) E.B.Wilson design of 1846. Jenny Lind
Jenny Lind
Model built and painted by Chris Cox
Kemp Town (2-4-0T)
Hayling Island (2-4-0T)
Inspector (2-4-2T)
Sharp-Stewart design of 1867, rebuilt twice by Stroudley. The kit can be built to represent any of the rebuilt versions, including the unusual inspection saloon Inspector. Includes number plates. Hayling Island
Model built by Eric Gates, painted by Ian Rathbone.
Craven tender As used for Kitson No. 463 Hove of 1868. Will suit many other Craven locos. Craven tender
Model built and painted by Chris Cox
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